A Guide to New York Stand-up Comedy

A Guide to New York Stand-up Comedy
New York City and stand-up comedy are inextricably linked, like two dysfunctional conjoined twins that share one very hard-working liver. Stand-up exists outside of New York, of course, most obviously in Los Angeles and Chicago, but there seems to be …
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5 Hot Books: A History of Stand-Up Comedy, the Novel Behind the New Leo
Think of Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken, but set in the West, just after Lewis and Clark made their trek, and that's The Revenant, a fictionalized account of a grueling historical journey. It won plenty of fans when it was published in 2002, but will no …
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Stand-up comedy in Mandarin
He told similar fish-out-of water stories at the Flushing Comedy Club in New York. The appreciative audience was mostly from northern China and Taiwan. They loved that Mr Bishop, along with two other stand-up comedians, were making jokes about New …
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